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Edward Flagg
Department of Physics and Astronomy


There are several quantum optical research directions being pursued by researchers in this lab. The links below (and in the sidebar) will take you to summaries of the scientific questions we are trying to answer. Where appropriate, references are provided to scientific articles that give more in-depth explanation. If you follow the reference links from a computer on WVU's campus, you can access the articles online.

Quantum dot band structure

Quantum Dots: A general overview of the quantum mechanical systems that we study.

Two photon interference

Indistinguishable Photons: Making photons that are useful for quantum communication.

Depiction of electron spin

Spin Measurement: How an electron spin can be used as a quantum bit.

Depiction of interferometer and interference fringes

Stabilized Fabry-Perot Interferometer: A precision tunable optical filter.